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Lucy and Don HillestadDon and Lucy Hillestad founded our company in 1959. They began during a time when the concept of a healthy lifestyle was not well understood. They had the vision to understand that lifestyles didn't always offer the opportunity to eat proper nutritional meals. They took action by providing opportunities for adding additional nutrients into our diets in the form of supplements.

Today, we carry on this tradition of vision and action by providing you with the most up-to-date products in the field of nutritional supplements. Please take the time to browse through our website with the knowledge that you're getting outstanding, quality nutritional products that have stood the test of time.

Layered Tablet

The layered tablet is Hillestad's exclusive method for building a better supplement. We use this unique construction in many of our nutritional products. This is one of the ways we demonstrate our belief in quality manufacturing and quality ingredients.

Layering makes a tablet better, because it allows the vitamins to be separated from the minerals, ensuring the integrity of the individual nutrients. Our laboratory reports that the layered tablet, with our special coating, protects the sensitive core ingredients. This method of tablet construction requires expensive, specially-designed machinery, which presses the two halves of the tablet simultaneously, joining them together to make one. layer tablet example 


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